About us

Wretched Strangers is a theatre company of professionals in the arts and sciences who trained as actors at the London School of Dramatic Art. We hail from mainland Europe (none of us were born or grew up in the UK) and we aim to give an (accented) voice back to foreigners residing in the UK today.

Past productions by members of the company include Jean Anouilh’s “Medea” (Brighton, Reading and Camden Fringe), Hannah Patterson’s “Playing With Grown-Ups” (London Fringe), Neil LaBute’s “The Shape Of Things” (London Fringe), Victor Hugo’s “The Hunchback of Notre Dame” (New York Fringe), Phil Porter’s “Blink” (London Fringe), Simon James’s “The Toad In The Hole” (London Fringe). Piotr Mirowski, co-founder of both Wretched Strangers and HumanMachine, has brought the shows “HumanMachine: Artificial Intelligence Improvisation” and “Improbotics: Theatrical Turing Test” to the Brighton Fringe (Broadway Lounge, 2017; Marlborough Theatre, 2018; The Warren, 2019), Camden Fringe (Etcetera Theatre, 2017; Hen & Chickens Theatre, 2018), Edinburgh Fringe (theSpace, 2017), Edmonton Fringe (Studio Theatre, 2018) and Impro Amsterdam (2019). The latter shows had a strong tech component (complex lights, synchronised music, robot on the stage, video projections) and were featured in the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Sunday Times and New Scientist, as well as in documentaries on RTE One and Bloomberg TV.

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